Power Converter Condition Monitoring

EPRAS develops hardware and software solutions that predicts
downtime and improve your asset reliability.

EPRAS (Electrical Performance and Reliability Assessment Solutions) combines High Frequency Data, specifically transient electrical event data, and Artificial Intelligence to predict failures, improve operational efficiency, and provide prescriptive actions on electrical assets.

Our solution provides asset owners the opportunity to:
  • Reduce unplanned downtime 
  • Deliver root cause failure analysis
  • Extend the electrical module lifespan via a custom protective device

We provide an Edge Device (Hardware Device) to collect High resolution data on Demand or via a set of conditions and a Platform Web to process large quantity of data to deliver insights.

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Step 1 - Data Collection

We collect system wide as well as component data for real time monitoring and root cause failure analysis

Step 2 - Data Analysis

We utilize high frequency data, Artificial Intelligence and mathematical models to provide actionable insights

Step 3 - Protective Device

We build a custom electrical protective device to extend equipment lifespan


Reduce repair cost by at least 50%

Replacing the near end of life module, we eliminate expense repairs


Reduce unplanned downtime by 98%

By predicting failures, we transform unplanned downtime to planned downtime


Reduce premature failures by 98%

By setting up a custom protective device, we extend the lifespan of your asset

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